Vox Antiqua

sacred music
Hong Kong
Founded in October 2017, by Andrew Leung. Vox Antiqua is formed by a group of passionate and professional Catholic singers in Hong Kong. We dedicate ourselves in praying and singing choral liturgical music in its highest standard.
Vox Antiqua is a liturgical choir in Hong Kong. The group was founded in October 2017 by Andrew Leung, along with a group of Catholic, experienced music enthusiasts.

Our mission is to sing church music to its highest standard a professional standard. We especially focus on promoting sacred choral music written in the Western "Classical" style, both old and new. We are dedicated in pursuing musical excellence both inside and outside of the liturgy.

The musical backgrounds of our singers are very diverse: members of local church choirs and concert choirs, church organists, music teachers and opera singers, etc.; and four nations are represented in the choir. And many of us have a full-time job that is musically non-related. The group is brought together by our common faith, our love and passion for choral music.

Band interests:
Sacred Choral Music

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Past Gigs

17 Mar 2019 (Sun) 3:30PM - 5:00PM

Ss. Peter and Paul Church
Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School, 201 Castle Peak Road (Ping Shan), Yuen Long, Hong Kong

16 Dec 2018 (Sun) 8:00PM - 9:30PM