Keith Wong 黃峻傑

jazz, acapella
vocal, songwriter
Hong Kong
Resident Artist of Yat Po Singers / Jazz Vocalist
一舖清唱駐團藝術家 / 爵士聲樂


隨團多次跨界合作,如香港中樂團2015年《中藥還需中樂醫》、香港舞蹈團2015年《在那遙遠的地方》、日本studio ARCHITANZ 2015年《最後之聲》和2016年《Voicemail2020》。2014至2016年在港澳台及內地六個城市巡迴演出共三十場非常林奕華《梁祝的繼承者們》音樂劇。


除了演出,亦醉心創作。最近為二月西九文化區WE Dance 舞‧會宣傳片配上無伴奏一人合唱音樂。2015年率領一眾上班族演出無伴奏合唱音樂劇《雌狂辦公室》,為創作導演、作曲、編劇及合唱指導。此外,在2010至2015連續六年為青協《國際無伴奏音樂盛典》編曲,作品深受觀眾喜愛。


Keith Wong is a performing artist – vocalist, actor, composer, arranger, creative director and administrator.

He has been working for Yat Po Singers as a resident artist since 2012 and provided administrative support in the first two years. Prior to his artistic career, he graduated from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration.

Since joining the Company, he has performed in all original a cappella theatre productions with his signature falsetto, including Save The Next Song For Me (2017), Requiem HK (2016), Our Immortal Cantata (2014 premiere and 2016 tour), Sing Sang Sung (2013) and the 2009 CASH Golden Sail Music Award Best Serious Composition winner Rock Hard (2008 premiere and 2012 re-run).

Performing with Yat Po Singers, he has collaborated with various performing art groups such as Herbal, Vocal or Motional? (2015) with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Voices and Dances of the Distant Land (2015) with Hong Kong Dance Company and Our Last Voice (2015) and Voicemail2020 (2016) with studio ARCHITANZ in Tokyo. He also toured Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and 6 cities in Mainland China to perform 30 shows of Art School Musical with Edward Lam Dance Theatre from 2014 to 2016

He has performed in many arts festivals with the Company, such as Vocal Asia Festival 2017, Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival 2016, Shanghai International Chorus Week 2015, Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) 2015 and Zheng’s Walls Have Ears in Macao Arts Festival 2012.

Besides being a performer, he loves to create. Recently, he composed and recorded a one man a cappella soundtrack for West Kowloon Cultural District’s WE Dance Finale commercial. In 2015, he has served as the director, composer, playwright and choral director of the a cappella theatre production The Way We Work. He arranged music for the HKFYG International A Cappella Extravaganza every year from 2010 to 2015.

(Jan 2018)

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Past Gigs

Keith Wong Sings Jazz

17 Aug 2019 (Sat) 4:30PM - 6:30PM

Flower Music 10 花好音樂廳
10/F., Tack Building, 50 Gilman Street, Central, Hong Kong