Formed in 2007. In October, 2008, their first single (online download only) “Hana ni nare” was released, and there were a million of downloads for just first 10 days to make their remarkable debut. After this, “Over the rain~Hikari no hashi” and “Hoshi ni negaiwo” were in the news as well.
In 2009, they achieved 2-day Nippon Budokan live and it’d been only a year since their debut. In December, 2009, their 1st full album “What’s flumpool!?” was released and following the album, their 3rd tour going to 40 places (46 performances) nation-wide started in March, 2010.
In January, 2011, they released the 2nd album “Fantasia of Life Stripe” including their singles in 2010 such as “Kimi ni todoke” and “reboot~akiramenai uta~”, and had their 4th nation-wide tour following the album.
Since then by now, they have had many hit tunes such as “Donna mirainimo ai wa aru” and “Akashi”.
In December, 2011, they had 2-day Saitama Super Arena live and they were successfully done having 32,000 audience which was the biggest scale in the band history. On December 31st, 2011, they appeared on one of the most popular music program in Japan “Kohaku Utagassen” for 3 consecutive years.
In 2012, their performances would be expected not only domestically but internationally.

Band members:
Ryuta Yamamura (Vo)
Birth date:1985.01.21

Kazuki Sakai (Gt)
Birth date:1985.02.26

Genki Amakawa (Ba)
Birth date:1984.11.27

Seiji Ogura (Dr)
Birth date:1984.02.27

Record Label:

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Past Gigs

2019 flumpool 9th tour「Command Shift Z」 ~Hong Kong Special~

14 Sep 2019 (Sat) 8:00PM - 11:00PM

Music Zone @ E-max
Emax 1 Trademart Dr, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong