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16 Mar 2019 (Sat) 2:30PM - 6:00PM
Theme of the Week: World Without Boundaries
2pm-2:45pm Modern Children (Indie / Alternative)
3:15pm-4pm Suzette (Gypsy Swing)
4:30pm-5:15pm TxT (Tansei x TJoe) Improvisation Jazz Tap Dancing

Modern Children
Hailing from Hong Kong, Modern Children is a unique creative-collective with a heavy focus on music. Their style reflects their home city's liveliness and eclectic mix of influences– from the likes of alt-rock, indie pop, and post-rock.

In 2011, they released their self-titled debut album, "Modern Children”, whose vibrant style and themes, especially their uses of musical toy instruments, suggest the feelings of child-like innocence and curiosity. The album won acclaim among the local press, and led to a series of performances at various festivals and venues in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Japan. The group then went on hiatus for a year while their members traveled and lived abroad.

In the summer of 2014, they regrouped to begin work on new music, culminating in their latest album, Bittersweet Melodies, released in January 2017.


Suzette is formed and leaded by Antoine Richard with the bassist Jeff and the drummer Carlos. Antonie is originally from Nantes in France, Antoine fulfilled his dream to travel the world with his guitar. In Hong Kong for five years, Antoine has played in the most prestigious venues of HK, Macau and South Asia, with more than 400 performances in bars, restaurants, private and commercial functions, weddings and music festivals. Antoine’s musical influences derive from swing and gypsy jazz. Singing is also very close to his heart. His repertoire runs from the jazz & gypsy classics to traditional french tunes from Charles Aznavour, Sacha Distel, Edith Piaf... with a subtle gypsy twist. Antoine has also been given the honor of organising the music part of the Hong Kong Swing Lindy Hop dance festival for 3 years. What’s better than playing with amazingly talented musicians for 200 dancers, or watching kids dancing and clapping to the sound of this beautiful music we call “Gyspy Swing”?


From Tokyo, Japan. Encountered and learned tap dancing with great dancers in NewYork from 2010.
Tansei has performed at a great number of venues and events throughout Japan and overseas. The performance is always with live music such as jazz and mostly improvised. Ideal is to tap like talking musically. The journey reached to Hong Kong in 2014, and played for many jazz events annually since then. Plays over 250 stages in a year. Leads a band "Tokyo Senretsu sess!on" with Jazz and flamenco based musicians, which will release a CD in 2019 March. Also leads a unit "Mrad put A Coyta" with a taiko drum and a drums.


Tjoe (pronounce as T-Joe) is a top musician from Hong Kong currently based in London since 2015. This Musicians Institute alumnus is a favoured sideman in the Pop scene, a talented Jazz & Blues guitarist, a proficient arranger and composer.

Tjoe is recognised by his creative approach, powerful soloing, the ability to improvise and sense of humour. He can often be found plying his trade at top live houses such as Ronnie Scotts and Rich Mix.

After a year building up his network and reputation in London, 2016 has been a fruitful year to Tjoe. He has officially become the artist of guitar brand Melancon. Besides, a year and a half after the successful launch of his debut EP and Asian tours, Tjoe released his second EP FLOW LONDON as a trace of his year-long music journey in London. The EP consists of five instrumental songs composed and produced by himself. All songs are played by outstanding musicians from around the world whom Tjoe has met in this melting pot of music talent.

Moreover, Tjoe formed NTBM (Not-To-Be-Missed), unites Eastern and Western musicians on the stage to facilitate cultural exchange. “and orange” is the first studio record album produced by NTBM (Not-To-Be-Missed) in London and was released globally in the form of a deluxe USB device and a 12” LP record.
Recently, Tjoe becomes the leader of the host band at Peel Fresco, a live jazz music lounge in Hong Kong, on every Sunday.

2pm-2:45pm Modern Children 獨立/另類
3:15pm-4pm Suzette 搖擺吉普賽爵士
4:30pm-5:15pm TxT (Tansei x TJoe) 即興爵士樂踢踏舞

Modern Children

於2006年成立的一隊香港獨立樂隊,成員包括Kenneth、Chih、Tony、隆威 及在天堂上的Jimmy。2011年11月,Modern Children 以手機 App 形式發放其首張同名大碟供免費下載,其破格的方式吸引一眾樂迷留意。同年8月,樂隊應音樂人林一峰邀請,舉行「The Future Sounds of Hong Kong Music Festival」,以十二人大樂隊編制演出,並宣佈暫休,部分成員出國生活一段時間。

2014年夏天,Modern Children宣告回歸,並開始進入錄音室籌備第二張專輯。在錄音近乎完成的階段,2016年1月,陣中結他手Jimmy因病離世,樂隊其他成員收拾傷痛的心情,重新上路,於同年9月以眾籌方式成功推出第二隻概念大碟《Bittersweet Melodies》。


Suzette 是由來自法國南特的 Antoine Richard帶領下,跟低音結他手Jeff及 鼓手Carlos 組成。 Antoine 帶著結他週遊列國完成他的夢想。來了香港五年的他,已於香港、澳門、南亞,不同的大小場地、現場展現空間、婚禮、音樂節等,演出了超過400場的表演。他的音樂受搖擺樂 (Swing) 及吉普賽爵士 (Gypsy Jazz) 影響,唱歌亦是最觸動他心靈的感情表達。演出曲目音樂類型由爵士、吉普賽爵士經典到傳統的法國曲調如Charles Aznavour、Sacha Distel、Edith Piaf等也有。 而榮幸地,Antoine 連續3年被邀請擔任統籌 “Hong Kong Swing Lindy Hop Dance Festival” 的音樂部份,主要是演奏吉普賽爵士 (Gypsy Jazz),伴著200位才華橫溢的舞者演出。


來自日本東京的丹精從2010年開始,於紐約跟不同的大師學習踢踏舞。他曾於日本和海外眾多的場地和活動中演出。丹精的一踢一踏就像樂器般與現場爵士樂合奏,大部分都是即興演出。於2014年來到香港,每年參與了超過250場爵士樂活動演出。 他將帶領 "Tokyo Senretsu sess!on",一隊由爵士及佛蘭明歌 (flamenco) 樂手組成的樂團,於2019年3月發行唱片。另外,他亦跟太鼓樂手及鼓手組成了 "Mrad put A Coyta" 樂團。


在香港土生土長並於美國著名樂府Musicians Institute畢業的結他手及作曲家朱文長 (Tjoe),隨後以結他手姿態活躍於爵士樂界, 舉行獨奏及合奏表演。並游走流行與獨立音樂,替歌手伴奏。曾與林一峰、陳冠希、黃家強及台灣組合「棉花糖」等合作。

2014年夏天推出首張個人純音樂專輯《日常》, 及於台北及台中舉行新碟發佈巡迴演出。2015-16年,於旅居英國兩年期間成為炙手可熱的樂手,與Nick Van Gelder (Jamiroquai鼓手)、Francis Hylton(Incognito貝斯手)和Michelle John(Eric Clapton與Joss Stone和音)等著名樂手合作。

2016年Tjoe推出第二張個人專輯《日常FLOW LDN》,獲英國著名爵士樂評人The Jazz Mann高度讚賞。

除了推出個人原創專輯 ‘FLOW LDN’,亦發起NTBM (Not-To-Be-Missed) 計劃聯繫各國樂手創作及現場演奏原創爵士樂。NTBM於倫敦灌錄原創大碟 ‘and orange’,以12寸密紋唱片LP及精美電子版的形式於全球推出。 目前Tjoe是品牌Melancon的官方結他手及香港最佳現場音樂聖地Peel Fresco逢星期日的駐場樂團。
alternative, gypsy swing, jazz, free admission