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AFTERNOON SERIES - Oboe and Its Lyrical Trio Music
12 Aug 2019 (Mon) 12:45PM - 1:45PM
19 Aug 2019 (Mon) 12:45PM - 1:45PM
Oboe and Its Lyrical Trio Music

Western Instrumental

Performances: 12.08 & 19.08.2019

Chamber music has been described as “music for friends”. This explains why the musicians of these 2 concerts get together to explore musical ideas that are unique to this genre.

For two consecutive Mondays, we turn our focus to music by oboe and listen to the chamber music that features the lyrical sound of this doubled-reed instrument. On Aug 12, Danica Cheng, Andrew Au Yeung and Jessica Liang bring us trio pieces from late 19th century for a rare instrument combination of oboe, horn and piano. On Aug 19, Danica will join hands with another two oboists Ambrose Lee and Ryan Fong for music written for another rare combination: double oboes and English horn.

12.8.2019 Concert I: Oboe, Horn and Piano Trio

Performed by Danica Cheng (Oboe), Andrew Au Yeung (Horn) and Jessica Liang (Piano)

19.8.2019 Concert II: Oboe & English Horn

Performed by Danica Cheng (Oboe), Ambrose Lee (Oboe) and Ryan Fong (English Horn)

About the artists

The ambition to explore the repertoire of oboe brought Danica Cheng, Ambrose Lee and Ryan Fong together and all of them were trained in the United States. Danica Cheng finished her master’s degree at Temple University and is currently the oboe and English horn player of Shenzhen Symphony, with which she frequently tours both nationally and aboard. Ambrose graduated from San Francisco Conservatory and then continued his studies at Manhattan School of Music, while Ryan graduated from University of Michigan.

Danica Cheng, Andrew Au Yeung (Horn) and Jessica Liang (piano) has playing together since they first met in 2011 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong where they graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in music. Andrew has been working as a guest tutti horn player of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and multiple Hong Kong orchestras since he graduated with a master’s degree in Hochschule für Musik Mainz in Germany. Jessica Liang studied piano with Nancy Loo, Sham Siu Wai, Poon Tak and Catherine Tse. Dedicated to education, she is the Co-founder and Music Director of Aura Music Studio.



演出日期:12.08 & 19.08.2019


8月這兩個連續星期一將以雙簧管演奏的室樂為焦點,聆聽這雙簧吹管樂器的抒情音色。8月12日,鄭詠輿、歐陽肇聰、梁凱婷帶來19世紀晚期的三重奏作品,用上雙簧管、圓號及和鋼琴這罕見的樂器組合。 8月19日,鄭詠輿將聯同另外兩位雙簧管樂手李啓豐、方潤昇演奏為兩支雙簧管及英國管所寫的樂曲,這亦是罕見的樂器組合。







chamber, free admission