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Shazza Music Showcase #112
13 Jun 2019 (Thu) 9:00PM - 11:30PM
The Wanch
54 Jaffe Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Another month, another set of passionate musicians that you can see all in one night… and that night is the Shazza Music Showcase #112! As usual, the order of play follows the poster, so Magic Moon Band is up first. And, as always, at The Wanch, it’s FREE ENTRY and GREAT MUSIC-LOVING ATMOSPHERE!

Come round for an evening of exploring Hong Kong’s live music scene with five awesome bands!
(Big thanks to Louise Fung for the cool poster!)

新的一月,Shazza Music Showcase #112 讓你再次可以一晚內看盡一群充滿熱誠的音樂人演出。一如以往,當晚演出順序如海報上次序。也就是說 Magic Moon Band 將會是第一位演出。另外沒變的是,The Wanch 依然是免費入場以及提供便宜啤酒!

The Wanch 依然是免費入場以及提供一個絕頂的環境享受現場音樂
(謝謝 Louise Fung為我們設計海報!)
The Magic Moon Band
When the full moon is out, things obtain a certain glow. There's a shimmer in the air that, at once, conjures up familiar nostalgia and a sense of immediate urgency. Leaving you feeling as though you are lost in a fuzzy dream while simultaneously being hyper-aware of your surroundings. Since its inception in 2017, the Magic Moon Band has been striving to connect with this special moonglow and reflect its shimmer through words and music. 當滿月出嚟嘅時候, 影像會變得一片光芒。當空氣中有一絲閃光, 令人立即想起一種熟悉而懷舊嘅緊廹感。在夢中俾你感受到一種迷失和模糊嘅感覺; 在四周圍嘅環境畀你一種超強嘅意識。魔月樂隊自2017年成立以來, 一直努力透過文字和音樂同呢種特殊嘅月光能量聯繫。

十方牛 Shuffle Cow
我們是Shuffle Cow 十方牛 Band 如其名,十方 -「拾荒」,人棄我取。
We are Shuffle Cow. We craft music like mixing a cocktail. Mild or wild? Tale or real? We believe we could find someone who enjoy tasting it.

Ask Your Mum
ASK YOU MUM is a metalcore band from Hong Kong formed in 2017.
Living under the imperfect society, We altered, are shaped by the mainstream, and eventually lose ourselves.
“ASK YOUR MUM” is a way out, an answer to ourselves. We could at least find what we love and hate in our music.

The Glass Choir
The Glass Choir played its first gigs in 2017 as a one-man shoegaze band with Marc Sparrow handling guitar and vocal duties over a drum machine. The band has since brought in Ailee Slater on bass and Kihlstedt Fung on drums to evolve the sound as a power trio and give it a harder, rockier edge.

Qi are an original rock band serving up goodtime glitter/grunge grooves – spiked with big hooks, spiced with rough edges and soaked in open-hearted soul.
Formed in Hong Kong in 2018, Qi brings together disparate musical voices from East and South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East – united in their mission to promote peace, love and groove.
rock, metalcore