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16 Jul 2019 (Tue) 7:30PM - 9:30PM
談風 : vs : 再說 tfvsjs
f no, Greenview Court, Shop C, G, Woo Hop St, Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong
Our Last Show 😢
談風:vs:再說 Live Music Series
Performer: Daiki Yasukagawa (bass) + Alan Kwan (guitar)
Date: 2019-7-16 (tue)
Time: 7:30pm
Daiki Yasukagawa (bass) + Alan Kwan (guitar) 將於7月16日晚上在談風表演,只要當晚訂枱吃飯就可以看到了!立即預約吧!
ps. 因為舞台設定關係,當晚可預約的座位數量會比平常少,卻免向隅,請速訂座!
On July 16th, Daiki Yasukagawa and Alan Kwan will perform at tfvsjs.syut, all you need to do is make a table reservation, so you can enjoy the music and our food! Book you table today!
ps. Due to the setting of stage, tables that we can provide will be less than usual.
安カ川大樹 Daiki Yasukagawa
1967年、兵庫県西宮市出身。從小時候開始彈鋼琴,明治大学入學後參加社團「Big Sounds Society Orchestra」後開始拉低音大提琴。師事牧島克彦、吉野弘志 吉田秀。 1989年、「第19回山野Bigband contest」最優秀賞受賞。
關家傑 Alan Kwan
現居於美國紐約市的關家傑為一位爵士吉他手、作曲家暨教育家(音樂老師)。 生於香港,關氏於14歲開始學習吉他;在經過四年音樂訓練之後,決定專注於爵士樂學習,師承香港首屈一指的爵士樂手羅尚正(Ted Lo)及包以正(Eugene Pao),並在數年間成為香港其中一位最活躍的爵士樂手。
Daiki Yasukagawa

A native of Nishinomiya (between Kobe and Osaka), Daiki took up piano as a child.

He began playing bass at 18 when he joined the Meiji University Big Sounds Society Jazz Orchestra, and studied the instrument with Katsuhiko Makishima, Hiroshi Yoshino and Shu Yoshida.

He is consistently ranked among the Top 10 Japanese jazz bassists by Swing Journal magazine.
Alan Kwan
A jazz guitarist, composer, and educator who is currently based in New York City. Kwan was born in Hong Kong and started playing guitar at the age of 14; after 4 years of musical training, he decided to devote himself to jazz and studied with Ted Lo and Eugene Pao, two of the most distinguished jazz musicians in the city, before embarking on his journey as a jazz artist. Within a few years, Kwan became one of the most active jazz musicians in Hong Kong.