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(Cancelled) Ocean Boulevard x Lost Stars Livehouse
13 Jun 2019 (Thu) 8:00PM - 9:50PM
Lost Stars Livehouse Bar & Eatery
Square Mile, 11 Li Tak St, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong
Lost Stars 禮儀
如需訂座,請致電2337 6728與我們的職員聯絡,訂座的最後入座時間為19:30。
* 最低消費為餐牌上任何一份單品

In-house Manners of Lost Stars
The music show will be separated into 3 sessions. In order to create a pleasant environment for music enjoyment, servers will not take orders during the performance. After 1 session of show ends, there will be a 20 minutes intermission. Servers will accept orders again. Clients could go outside freely during the performance. But when clients come back to the house, please follow our staff arrangement patiently. Thank you for your understanding.
For reservation, please contact us via phone call 2337 6728, the latest time for reservation is 19:30.
1. No time limit for customers after entry
2. Minimum charge : Any item on menu

Ocean Boulevard had been formed by Japanese
Rico (Guitar) and Chiko (Key Board) in 2009 Jan.
Band had aimed at making their own sound, own unique music.
Therefore the type of music performed is borderless for Ocean Boulevard .(Rock, Jazz, pop , Laten. Funk...etc)
We may be the only band with this kind of unique style and concept which will make audience entertained.
Some member had changed and present member from 2015 are
Rico (Guitar ) (Japanese)
Chiko (Key Board) (Japanese)
Cecilia (Vocal) (HK)
Jackiz Tsang (bass) (HK)
Dean (Drum) (HK)

From this experience, Ocean Boulevard has decided to make there own CD titled called “Made in Office".
The concept of this CD is to record in private office (no recording studio had been used) and all the performance and
mixing engineering matters are done by band members.
So Ocean Boulevard will compose, arrange, record, mix, mastering ....etc. it means from beginning to the last.
The first CD “Made in Office” is scheduled to be released in this year-end. It will include the demo songs on YouTube and will be total 11 songs.


tropical rock