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Therapy Thursday 死啦星期四音樂會
10 Oct 2019 (Thu) 8:30PM - 10:00PM
Terrible Baby
4/F, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Rd, Jordan, Hong Kong
秋冬之際,本地唱作名伶Serrini和逸東酒店、搶耳音樂攜手推出一連6場《死啦星期四》精彩演出,推介本地音樂單位之餘也讓音樂愛好者在九龍市中心酒店的音樂室(Terrible Baby)裡聚首一堂,圍爐聽歌、社交轉運。

無論是沈鬱低吟或是抵死有趣的呼喚,Terrible Baby都希望來賓可以享受抒發感情的樂趣,舉杯間、手足舞蹈間,大家一齊享受音樂之餘也聽聽音樂人的分享。

#~。。樂在星期四 ~**//~+

#星期四死死下 #音樂自療

售票亭:不日開放(link pending!)
購票條款:Gig 1-5任意選購,每場capacity 100人。需要購買Gig 6 Serrini的觀眾必須購買package tickets (Gig6 +任何一個系列演出~)🍓


This Fall, Eaton HK and Ear Up are teaming up with singersongwriter Serrini in curation of a series of gigs. Come get overwhelmed with an eclectic list of local talents beaming with life. From low humming Jazz and blues to pop rock, from comedic hip-hop to electronica, nothing beats a good Thursday night out with good music and artists sharing their love and grievances, hope and loss. The intimately sized gigs will be held in the @Terrible Baby Music Room.

Lost in music and in play,
Proudly roam the terrible days.

Ticket Link:(pending!)
Ticketing Arrangement:Gig 1-5 tickets freely available; Gig 6 (Serrini) must be purchased as package tickets with any one gig of the series 🍓

The right of admission is reserved and is subject to the seller’s and the venue’s terms of admission. The organizers reserve the right to refuse entry at all the time without prior notice.


<< LINE - UP >>

1. 12 Sept: Tomii Chan Hollowed/孤嶺
-Country, blues

2. 3 Oct: Virgin Vacation, Andy is Typing NO EYE SEE/無眼睇
-Experimental Instrumental X Alternative Rock

3. 10 Oct: The Hertz, WHIZZ Jolly Youth/青蔥衝衝
-Sophisti-Pop, Funk, Rock, Soul, Indie Pop X Groovy Pop

4. 24 Oct: Luna is A Bep Can’t help but BEP/BEP不得已
-Smart-ass Rap

5. 7 Nov, CHANKA ft NICHUNG Shades of Blue/迷暮幻藍
-Dark-toned indie-folk

6. 21 Nov: Serrini Femme Fatale/叫聲媽咪先
-Cantopop, cult folk
Funk, Rock, Soul, pop