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LUNCHTIME SERIES - The Up:Strike Project
18 Mar 2019 (Mon) 12:45PM - 1:45PM
The Up:Strike Project (Contemporary Percussion)
14.01.2019 (Mon) 12.45-1.45pm
28.01.2019 (Mon) 12.45-1.45pm
18.02.2019 (Mon) 12.45-1.45pm
18.03.2019 (Mon) 12.45-1.45pm
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The Up:Strike Project

Contemporary Percussion

Performances: 14.01, 28.01, 18.02 & 18.03.2019

The Up:Strike Project is proud to present these works composed by world renowned composers from around the world. All of these composers play a prominent role in the contemporary music over the past fifty years. Up:Strike aims to embody the nature of the integral movement in percussion “up and strike,” through striking and standing out as the leader of the percussive arts. By bringing professional and emerging percussionists together to present and champion a diverse mix of the percussion music. Yet, pulling us and the audiences closer through utilizing innovative ways to promote percussion music.

14.01.2019 Concert I: Vibes!
Vibraphone solo
Performed by Matthew Lau

28.01.2019 Concert II: Long Distance
Marimba & Vibraphone Duet
Performed by Matthew Lau & Bevis Ng

18.02.2019 Concert III: Interwoven Threads
Percussion Quartet
Performed by Matthew Lau, Karen Yu, Bevis Ng & Vonald Chow

18.03.2019 Concert IV
To be announced

About the artists

The Up:Strike Project aims to embody the nature of the integral movement in percussion: “up and strike.” Founded by two Hong Kong-based percussionists, Dr. Matthew Lau and Karen Yu, The Up:Strike Project is a diverse and flexible group, aiming to thread the community together by welcoming all levels of percussionists and musicians, and consistently engaging different young and emerging percussionists to work together.

Dr. Matthew Lau enjoys an international performing and teaching career. Hailed by the Aspen Times for his “soulful and technically impressive solo” at his vibraphone concerto debut at the Aspen Music Festival, percussionist Dr. Matthew Lau performs a wide range of repertoire with an absolute commitment to communicating the meaning and essence of percussion music to its audience. Matthew obtained his Doctor of Musical Arts in contemporary percussion performance from Stony Brook University under the guidance of Eduardo Leandro. Matthew is currently an adjunct faculty at Hong Kong Baptist University, and maintains a private teaching studio. Matthew is artist endorser of Marimba One, Black Swamp Percussion, and Elite Mallets.

As a percussionist, performing artist and interdisciplinary arts researcher, co-founder Karen Yu believes that music is beyond pleasure for our ears. Devoted to bringing changes to the percussion community by elevating the artistry, Up:Strike seeks to broaden the range of performed repertoire, and enlarging the audience circle through reducing the distance between the society and us.

Bevis Ng started learning percussion at a young age, under the tutelage of Margie Tong. With full support from the HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund, He is currently in the Bachelor of Music (Hons.) at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring with western percussion. Bevis has won various international and local music competitions. He is one of the winners of the concerto competition in the Academy with "Concerto for Marimba and Strings" by Séjourné in 2018.

Matthew Lau
Vonald Chow
Karen Yu
Bevis Ng

The Up:Strike Project


演出日期:14.01, 28.01, 18.02 & 18.03.2019

Up:Strike將呈獻幾位來自世界各地的著名作曲家 ─ 萊許、蘭斯基以及朗的作品。這些作曲家的地位舉足輕重,在過去五十年為當代音樂發展有莫大貢獻。Up:Strike的名字結合了演奏敲擊樂的動作:提起、敲打。Up:Strike作為樂界的先驅,致力於匯聚專業和新晉樂手,演出不同類型的作品,培育敲擊樂的新一代。Up:Strike希望能以創新的方法拉近與觀眾的距離,令更多人欣賞室內敲擊樂。

14.01.2019音樂會一:Vibes! ─ 顫音琴獨奏(演奏:劉語)
28.01.2019音樂會二:Long Distance ─ 馬林巴琴及顫音琴二重奏(演奏:劉語、伍展博)
18.02.2019音樂會三:Interwoven Threads ─ 敲擊樂四重奏(演奏:劉語、余林橞、伍展博及周彥廷)



劉語博士在香港敲擊樂界頗具名氣,他演出的樂曲類型廣泛,力求將樂曲的意義和精髓一絲不苟地呈現於觀眾眼前。在亞斯本音樂節中,其顫音琴協奏曲首演獲《亞斯本時報》讚揚為「觸動人心、琴藝超卓的獨奏」。劉博士在美國石溪大學受教於Eduardo Leandro,主修現代敲擊樂演奏,獲頒音樂藝術博士學位。劉博士現任為香港浸會大學的兼職講師,同時亦有私人授課。劉博士是美國品牌Marimba One, Black Swamp Percussion 和 Elite Mallets 的藝術家代言人。


伍展博自六歲起學習敲擊樂,師隨唐舜菁。在香港特區政府獎學基金的全額支助下,現於香港演藝學院就讀音樂學士(榮譽)二年班,主修西洋敲擊樂,師隨龍向榮博士、龐樂思。 2018年,伍氏取得學院的協奏曲比賽獲勝,並與演藝交響樂團演出西莊尼的馬林巴琴協奏曲。

contemporary percussion, free admission