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Light of Women Concert 女生站起來 音樂會
11 Oct 2019 (Fri) 7:00PM - 9:30PM
MoM Livehouse
B39 7 Seas Shopping Centre, 113-121 King's Road,, North Point, Hong Kong
HER Fund x Light of Women 女生站起來 -

日期: 2019年10月11日 (星期五)
時間: 晚上7時至9時30分
地點:MOM Livehouse, 砲台山
演出嘉賓:GDJYB 雞蛋蒸肉餅、花灑妹、Ping Pong A Cappella、Wing Yu Janice、Jennachord、Julia & Lydia sisters、Twinnie Yung、Emily Kwan、聚賢社 - 越半心聲唱歌組。(排名不分先後)

即日起至10月2日於「01心意」進行捐款換領活動。捐款滿$250,即可換領門票一張,換完即止 -

*所有收入扣除支出將會讓 HER Fund 用作撥款、培訓及教育工作之用,以改善香港女性的生活和地位。
每間受惠登記慈善團體獲配對的捐款上限為港幣10萬元,配對期限由2019年1月7日至12月31日。「香港01有限公司」 會配對每位香港01會員及每張信用卡最多1筆捐款,每筆捐款上限為港幣200元,以該用戶首筆捐款為準。如有任何爭議,「香港01有限公司」保留最終決定權。善款配對計劃須受有關條款及細則約束,詳情請參閱捐款項目注意事項。

關於婦女動力基金 HER Fund -
婦女動力基金致力幫助香港最受忽視的女性,為弱勢社群帶領的基層組織提供能力培訓和撥款。HER Fund成立於2004年,已撥出超過 HK$6,000,000 的種子基金,並直接惠及超過40,000人。
作為香港唯一以撥款和能力培訓推動性別平等的婦女基金,HER Fund 致力增強被邊緣化婦女自給自足的能力,使她們能夠創造、引領和維持更好的生活。



HER Fund x Light of Women First Collaborated concert -
10 groups of Hong Kong singers/ performers gather and perform on 11 Oct 2019, to remind the importance to care about women around you. Together we can build Hong Kong into a gender equal, loving and caring city.

Date : 11 Oct 2019 (Friday)
Time : 7:00 - 9:30pm
Location : MOM Livehouse, Fortress Hill
Performers: GDJYB, Faasaa Mui, Ping Pong A Cappella, Wing Yu Janice, Jennachord, Julia & Lydia sisters, Twinnie Yung, Emily Kwan and many more
Tickets: From today till 2 Oct 2019, every donation of $250 or more, will be entitled to redeem one concert ticket.

*All proceeds will go towards HER Fund's community programmes and initiatives to improve the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong.
*This program is qualified for HK01 matching funds. For each eligible donation, HK01 will donate an equal amount (maximum $200 for each donation) to the registered NGO.

About HER Fund -
HER Fund is a helping hand to the most neglected women and girls in Hong Kong. We provide capacity-building, leadership training and grants to grassroots organizations led by and serving the most disadvantaged. Founded in 2004, HER Fund has granted over $6,000,000 HKD in seed funding and directly benefited over 40,000 people.
As the only community women’s fund to advance equality by grant-making and capacity building in Hong Kong; HER Fund sees herself as part of the social change movements. We are committed to empower the capacity of marginalized women to become self-sufficient and enable them to create, lead, and sustain better lives.


To fund the event: