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20 Apr 2019 (Sat) 2:30PM - 5:45PM
2:30pm–3:15pm Jing Wong (Folk / Book Rock)
3:45pm–4:30pm Adrian Fu (Pop)
5pm–5.45pm Henry Chung & The Spontaneous Combustion (Blues)

20.04.19 Musician’s Biography:

Jing Wong

In this performance, Jing will perform with the local talented violinist, Felix Tham.

Jing Wong graduated as a Theatre Designer and Director in London's Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design with First Honours. Having signed to People Mountain People Sea, he then released his first live album + EP in December 2012. He has played at the main stage at Music Festivals such as the Clockenflap, Wow and Flutter and Freespace in West Kowloon promenade. He was also invited to play in Adelaide's OZAsia Festival in 2016, Zandari Festival and PAMS festival in Seoul 2017. In 2015, he released one english and one chinese EP “How to Disappear” and “生活的小偷” under his own independent label Mr Nightingale. He is now signed to Frenzi Music and released his 4th EP “我穿過青春” in 2017. His latest Theatre Concert/New Concept Album “A Spy in the House of Love” was also released and performed in November 2018. Jing is also a keen educator who taught young musicians regularly in events organised by the Renaissance Foundation and ‘Every Life is a Song’.

Felix Tham is a violinist, and has studied extensively under the late great violin pedagogue Professor Lin Yao Ji of the Central Conservatory of Music. Garnering a bevy of local music competition awards, Felix was chosen to represent Hong Kong at the Tochigi Music Festival in Japan as a soloist at age 13. At school and at university, Felix performed extensively as a soloist and ensemble musician. In recent years, through his association with pop jazz funk Acoufunkture, folk tango outfit Cafe 852 and indy "book rock" singer Jing Wong, Felix has been experimenting with ever-expanding genres. His recent collaborations include the critically acclaimed music-drama "A Spy in the House of Love" with Jing Wong, and a recording of the tango "Por Una Cabeza" at the RTHK with Cafe 852.

Henry Chung & The Spontaneous Combustion

In this performance, Henry Chung will perform with the band “The Spontaneous Combustion”, Vincent Lam on Vocals / Guitar, Jezrael Lucero on Keys and Sylvain Gagnon on double bass.

Henry Chung is the premier blues harmonica player and bandleader in Hong Kong (HK) and all of Asia. Chung was rated “one of Washington’s top jazz and blues musicians” by Washington Post in 2006. In 2004, Chung was officially inducted in the “Harmonica Hall of Fame” in the USA. In July 2009, Chung released a Canto-Gospel-Blues album called “The Chimes” to a smashing success. It was rated the best 800 audiophile CDs by “The CD Bible” and it was the 10 Bestselling Jazz Albums at HMV in 2009. In July 2014, Chung released an album called “Edge” which received critical acclaim. Their title song “The Anti-Establishment Blues” received the top prizes 2015 CASH Golden Sail Awards, including Best Song of the Year, Best Lyrics, and Best Vocal Collaboration. In addition to being a blues musician, Chung is also a prominent record producer in HK. He has produced albums and songs for Ruth Chen, Teddy Robin, Yao Lee, Howard McCrary, Benjamin Ng, Frances Chiu, Mimi Lo and Vera Sin.

Adrian Fu

Adrian Fu started his songwriting career at university, he has written numerous tunes for ground-breaking artist Eason Chan, including “We Are Both Lonely”, “The Rings of Saturn”, “The Road...Has Always Been Here” among others. In particular, “We Are Both Lonely” has been a personal favourite of Eason Chan’s, and is broadly considered one of the important songs in the Chinese music scene during the 2000s. In 2004, the song went on to become one of the 10 top singles of the year, as awarded by The Association of Music Workers in Taiwan. In 2014, he finally fulfilled his aspirations and released his debut album, “Good Morning, Hard City”. Produced by legendary producer Jim Lee, the album was an artistic success and earned him the nomination of Best New Artist at the 26th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan. In 2016, he officially became a recording artist under Universal Music Hong Kong. After releasing his first two plugs – Yet another goodbye and Flying by, his third plug, Flying By got top1 position in all three Hong Kong major radio stations.



這次的音樂表演,黃靖將與本地小提琴家 Felix Tham 一同演出。

黃靖在倫敦中央聖瑪丁美術學院的舞台設計系以一級榮譽資格畢業,再到中央語言及戲劇學院進修舞台導演碩士學位。他亦於過去數年被邀請到多個大型音樂節如:2015 Clockenflap和自由約的舞台, 2016 夏天到澳洲Adelaide Oz Asia Festival演出,2017十月份再到韓國首爾ZandariFestival和PAMS兩個國際音樂藝術節演出。2010年簽了黃耀明的人山人海獨立唱片公司,並在2012年12月發表了首張專輯。現為FRENZI MUSIC旗下音樂人,推出了EP《我穿過青春》。2018年11月舉行首個連開七場音樂獨腳戲並推出全新同名專輯 《A Spy in the House of Love》。同時黃靖亦於不同單位如:文藝復興基金會、一個人一首歌等計劃擔任導師,幫助培訓香港年青音樂/創作人。

小提琴家Felix Tham師隨中央音樂學院著名小提琴教授、享譽世界的傑出音樂教育家林耀基教授。年幼時,Felix贏得多個本地音樂比賽獎項 ,13歲時獲選代表香港參加日本的“Tochigi Music Festival”。於中學、大學求學期間,參與多個獨奏及合奏演出。近年,他更與流行、爵士、放克樂隊 “Acoufunkture”、民謠、探戈音樂組合Café 852 和 Book Rock 歌手黃靖合作演出,擴闊了他的音樂領域,更多樣化。近期演出包括黃靖的音樂獨腳戲“A Spy in the House of Love”、跟 Cafe 852於香港電台錄製的探戈作品 "Por Una Cabeza" 等。

Henry Chung & The Spontaneous Combustion

香港藍調口琴樂手鍾一匡,將聯同樂隊The Spontaneous Combustion 一同演出,樂隊成員包括結他手 Vincent Lam、鍵琴手Jezrael Lucero及低音大提手Sylvain Gagnon 。

鍾一匡受到美國爵士樂、藍調及福音騷靈等音樂風格所影響,擅長口琴演奏,並成為香港、亞洲及美國的著名藍調口琴家及樂隊領班。2004年在美國被列入口琴名人榜。2009年,鍾一諾與其弟鍾一諾組成組合「鍾氏兄弟」,推出福音專輯《鐘聲》(The Chimes),邀請多位國際及本地音樂人合作,把世界不同音樂元素帶進本地音樂文化中。所有歌曲由鍾氏兄弟創作,並以不同音樂風格編曲及演出。2011年推出第二張福音專輯《齊唱‧吳秉堅之歌》,獲第十二屆華語音樂傳媒大獎最佳組合提名,亦榮獲2012華語金曲獎(堪稱「華語格萊美」)六項提名。2012年12月11日,鍾氏兄弟榮獲2012華語金曲獎「年度最佳爵士藝人」的獎項。鍾一匡也是一位出色的作詞人,2014年憑《時代的顛覆者》榮獲 CASH金帆音樂獎「最佳歌詞」和新城勁爆頒獎禮「填詞大獎」。


自 18 歲起開始作曲生涯的符致逸Adrian Fu,是陳奕迅Eason力挺的創作人, 曾為 Eason 寫下〈我們都寂寞〉、〈路…一直都在〉、〈不睡〉等 10 首歌曲;其中 2004 年他為 Eason 度身訂造的原創曲 《我們都寂寞》,獲得 中華音樂人交流協會的最佳年度單曲創作獎。在 2015年,憑著專輯《Good Morning, Hard City》入圍 「第二十六屆金曲獎」最佳新人獎 。2016年至今,Adrian先後於發表了《無非一聲掰拜》、《多加點真》、《靈魂獨舞》、《寡人》及《一呼一吸》 共五首單曲。 其中《靈魂獨舞》更成為他的首支「三台冠軍歌」(在三個香港的主要電臺:香港電臺、商業電臺、新城電臺都獲得冠軍)。
folk, book rock, pop, blues, free admission