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Marstn x Lost Stars Livehouse
17 Sep 2019 (Tue) 8:00PM - 9:50PM
Lost Stars Livehouse Bar & Eatery
Square Mile, 11 Li Tak St, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong
Lost Stars 禮儀
如需訂座,請致電2337 6728與我們的職員聯絡,訂座的最後入座時間為19:30。
* 晚市時段每人最低消費為一杯飲品加一款食品,或兩杯飲品,敬請預約!

Show Etiquette of Lost Stars
The music show will be separated into 3 sessions. In order to create a pleasant environment for music enjoyment, servers will not take orders during the performance. After 1 session of show ends, there will be a 20 minutes intermission. Servers will accept orders again. Clients could go outside freely during the performance. But when clients come back to the house, please follow our staff arrangement patiently. Thank you for your understanding.
For reservation, please contact us via phone call 2337 6728, the latest time for reservation is 19:30.
1. No time limit for customers after entry
2. Minimum charge : One drink plus one food / two drinks
3. Please lower your voices when talking so as to avoid affecting other customers’ music enjoyment


Marstn is a singer-songwriter from Hong Kong. Since the age of 18, he has written songs about his life, feelings, and perspective of the world. Music is his way of communicating his own emotions with both the audience and himself.

His musical style is often described as acoustic pop/ acoustic folk. Vocally, he draws influences from musicians such as Passenger, Bon Iver, Matt Corby, Sia, and more. He does live performances in local cafes, bars, and live houses in an acoustic setting, with a piano and a mic. Through his music, he hopes to make the audience feel, and think.

He writes and performs his own music. He collaborates with some local musicians as well, in the hope of creating a different sound and bringing diversity to the music scene in Hong Kong.


Marstn 是一位香港唱作人。他從十八歲起開始寫關於日常生活、個人感受的歌曲,記錄和表達他的世界觀。對於他來說,音樂一直以來都是與聽眾、與自己溝通的方法。

他的音樂風格主要由原音民謠和流行曲組成。創作方面他受到Passenger、Bon Iver、 Matt Corby、Sia等等的影響。他不時會在一些咖啡室、酒吧、和 livehouse 作原音的表演(一部鋼琴加一支麥克風)。他希望透過作品令聽眾有個人的想法和感受。

acoustic folk, pop