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Mo-Men-T x Lost Stars Livehouse
19 Apr 2019 (Fri) 8:00PM - 9:50PM
Lost Stars Livehouse Bar & Eatery
Square Mile, 11 Li Tak St, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong
Lost Stars 禮儀
如需訂座,請致電2337 6728與我們的職員聯絡,訂座的最後入座時間為19:30。
* 最低消費為餐牌上任何一份單品

Show Etiquette of Lost Stars
The music show will be separated into 3 sessions. In order to create a pleasant environment for music enjoyment, servers will not take orders during the performance. After 1 session of show ends, there will be a 20 minutes intermission. Servers will accept orders again. Clients could go outside freely during the performance. But when clients come back to the house, please follow our staff arrangement patiently. Thank you for your understanding.
For reservation, please contact us via phone call 2337 6728, the latest time for reservation is 19:30.
1. No time limit for customers after entry
2. Minimum charge : Any item on menu

Mo-Men-T is a Hong Kong-based quintet, formed in 2012 as an ultra-modern jazz affair. The collaboration soon bore fruit, as each member pitched their unique musical inAluences into the band. From this came a creative mixture of such musical currents as modern jazz, funk, and post-rock. The result is a fresh sonic experience, one that is at once familiar and unpredictable. Compositions from Mo-Men-T are edgy and adventurous, able to stretch from a piano whisper to Aiery fortes. Each member is empowered to freely express themselves, together pushing the music forward in search of new artistic heights. In live performance, Mo-Men-T bonds with an audience through music born in the thrill of the moment. As it evolves from logical to free-form, patient to aggressive, the listener is exposed to the shifting gravities of improvised music. To add more fuel to the Aire, Mo-Men-T is not afraid to tread the avant-garde, a bold and exciting musical frontier replete with meter-less and atonal forays. Following its 2012 debut EP, “Compositions and Improvisation,” Mo-Men-T has performed at a variety of local and international music venues, notably the Hong Kong Green Jazz Festival, Hong Kong People’s Fringe Festival, Hong Kong Freespace Festival, Taipei Fringe Festival, Music Fairground 2013, Music Fairground 2016, Sappho Taipei, Witch House Taipei, Fullcupmusic, Hong Kong Fringe Club and the Taichung International Jazz Festival. The band was invited to perform at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong, and gave workshop at the Education University of Hong Kong. Mo-Men-T remains active in the studio, completing a new full-length album in 2013. Scheduled for an April 2013 release, their effort titled “InAinite Lines” features new compositions to inspire and capture their onstage adventurousness for the enjoyment of home listeners.

Lui Ngao Yuen- Double Bass

Mike Yip – Guitar

Vic Tsui – Drums

Siu Hin Chuen – Saxophone
jazz, experimental