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Jazz+ : Chi-ho Choi & Friends
19 Apr 2019 (Fri) 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Fringe Dairy
Fringe Club
2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong
Are you tired of typical Cantopop music, and are you looking for a change? But is it possible to combine Chinese music and jazz music? And how can dance collaborate with jazz?

Presented by the Fringe Club as part of the new “Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” project – Phase II, Jazz + is a series of cross-over performances between jazz and other genres that will happen every month from October 2018 to May 2019.

Touring jazz guitarist Chi-ho Choi hosts the Jazz+ show in April, and joining him will be some of his jazz musician friends. Chi-ho is bringing his re-arrangements of some of the greatest hits of the 80’s and 90’s, ranging from Metallica to Brian McKnight to Jamiroquai. Come and experience these familiar melodies in a whole new way.

Chi-ho Choi (guitar), Haza Chan (vocals), Seynah K. Avlessi (drums), Saiwai Liang (bass), Sit Wai-nok (trumpet), Wesley Cheng (saxophone), Ken Chow (saxophone)

Chi-ho Choi

Chi-ho Choi is the founder of the Winthrop Jazz Studio, a producer and jazz guitarist. He studied under some jazz masters, including Dr. L.H. Dickert, Tommy Ho, Bill Hanna and James Hunter. Chi-ho is a graduate of Winthrop University in the USA, majoring in jazz guitar. After returning to Hong Kong, he founded the Winthrop Jazz Studio and started performing in events such as wedding banquets, annual dinners and jazz festivals, including the Milleunanota Jazz Fest 2016 in Italy and the Macau Jazz Week 2015 and 2016. He is also active in music creation and production, and provides jazz guitar courses and jazz band training.

$150 (in advance, *Fringe members), $200 (on the day), $100 (**Student, Senior)

Admission: 30 minutes before show time.
No outside drink or food is allowed inside the venue.
40 seats plus standing spaces. Seats are first-come-first-served.
*Fringe Club membership card MUST be presented at the door.
**Limited quota. Student card/ Identity card MUST be presented at the door.

“Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The content of this programme does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Hong Kong Fringe Club reserves the right to change the programme and performers

Fringe Club (852) 2521 7251



由藝穗會主辦,Jazz + 為「Jazz-Go-Central,Jazz-Go-Fringe」第二階段的全新節目,於2018年10月至2019年5月期間,每月為大家送上一連串以爵士樂為出發點,跨越音樂種類的聽覺饗宴。

4月的Jazz+ 音樂會由本地爵士結他手蔡志豪帶領著一眾爵士樂手朋友主持。蔡志豪為大家精選及改編八、九十年代的經典歌曲,從Metallica、 Brian McKnight到Jamiroquai,並與一眾爵士樂手朋友重新演繹,讓耳熟能詳的歌曲增添嶄新感覺。

蔡志豪(結他)、陳皓心(主音) 、Seynah K. Avlessi (鼓) 、梁俊威(低音結他) 、 薛偉諾(小號) 、 鄭光忠 (色士風) 、周振昌 (色士風)

蔡志豪 Chi-ho Choi

蔡志豪為Winthrop Jazz Studio創辦人、全職音樂製作人、爵士結他手。他曾跟隨學習的爵士結他大師包括Dr. L.H. Dickert、Tommy Ho 、Bill Hanna 、James Hunter等等。2008年,蔡志豪於美國Winthrop University 完成音樂表演學士學位(主修爵士結他),回港後創辦Winthrop Jazz Studio,自此以不同組合形式,於各大小婚宴,公司晚會,及不同爵士音樂節等場合表演,如2016年意大利Milleunanota爵士音樂節、2015及2016年的澳門爵士音樂週等。此外,蔡志豪亦熱衷參與多個媒體的音樂創作及製作,並提供爵士結他們課程他及爵士樂隊訓練等。

$150 (預購, *藝穗會會員), $200 (即日), $100 (**學生/長者)
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