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From Tango to Everything Possible - Concert II: Unlimited 音樂會二:無限
20 May 2019 (Mon) 12:45PM - 1:45PM
From Tango to Everything Possible

Western Instrumental

Performances: 29.04 & 20.05.2019

Harmonica was very popular among the public in Hong Kong in 1950s to 1960s. Thanks to a number of talented harmonica players, we now hear the instrument more. On Apr 29 and May 20, Kelvin Leung (Harmonica), Fernando Rezk (Bandoneón), Janice Tsui (Piano) and Aaron Lui (Guitar) will play a wide range of repertoires which displays how harmonica can be a professional instrument. Join us and discover how well bandoneón blends together with harmonica in passionate tango music on Apr 29. On May 20, enjoy a refreshing programme of French and contemporary music when harmonica plays together with piano and guitar plus a short harmonica duo piece by Kelvin Leung and Mickey Wong.

29.4.2019 Concert I: Takes Two to Tango

Performed by Kelvin Leung (Harmonica) & Fernando Rezk (Bandoneón)

20.5.2019 Concert II: Unlimited

Performed by Kelvin Leung (Harmonica), Janice Tsui (Piano) & Aaron Lui (Guitar)

About the artists

Hugo Diaz’s tango music brought Kelvin Leung, Hong Kong harmonica player, and Fernando Rezk, bandoneònist and composer from Argentina together in 2018. They have been working together for the performance at Festivalito de Tango en Hong Kong 2019. Kelvin Leung won the Chromatic Harmonica Solo (Adult) in World Harmonica Festival 2013, Germany, among other international awards, when he was only a student. Kelvin was also the youngest jury members of the Seoul International Harmonica Festival 2016 to 2018. In 2017, he was selected by RTHK Radio 4 as one of the Young Music Makers. Fernando Rezk studied bandoneon, harmony and composition at the The Conservatory of Music of the Argentinian Musicians' Union. A former member of important tango orchestras and ensemble, Fernando teaches and performs in Asia regularly since 2010.

Kelvin Leung is equally comfortable in classical and popular music which took him to various musicians, such as pianist Janice Tsui and guitarist Aaron Lui. Currently a music student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong under the tutelage of Julie Kuok, Janice is a prize-winner of Antonio Vivaldi International Competition Vienna in 2018. She is the pianist of Opera Hong Kong Children Chorus. Aaron’s musical journey started with violin and learn changed to guitar which he currently learns from Christopher Wong. His love of music has driven me to minor music during his undergraduate studies at The University of Hong Kong.

Kelvin Leung (Harmonica)
Fernando Rezk (Bandoneòn)
Janise Tsui (Piano)
Aaron Lui (Guitar)


演出日期:29.04 & 20.05.2019

口琴在五、六十年代的香港相當流行。我們現在有機會聽到口琴的精彩演奏,實在要歸功於多位才華橫溢的口琴演奏者。於4月29日和5月20日的音樂會,梁承熹(口琴)、Fernando Rezk(班多紐手風琴)、徐潔瑩(鋼琴)和雷風逸(結他)將演奏多首不同風格的作品,展示口琴的無限可能。 4月29日先送上阿根廷的探戈音樂,班多紐手風琴與口琴互相配合,融和如一。 於5月20日是清新的法國和現代音樂曲目,口琴將與鋼琴及吉他分別合奏,尚有梁承熹及黃頌祺演奏的一首口琴二重奏 。


演奏:梁承熹(口琴)及Fernando Rezk(班多紐手風琴)




香港口琴手梁承熹與阿根廷班多紐手風琴手Fernando Rezk 因著Hugo Diaz 的探戈音樂結緣,並一同在2019年香港探戈節上演出。梁承熹尚在學時已在多個國際比賽上獲獎,當中包括 2013年德國世界口琴節的成人組獨奏冠軍,更是2016至2018年首爾國際口琴節最年輕的評審。2017年,他獲香港電台選為「樂壇新秀」。Fernando Rezk在阿根廷音樂家聯會音樂學院主修班多紐手風琴、和聲和作曲。 他曾是多個重要探戈樂團和音樂組合的成員,自2010年起定期在亞洲演出及授課。

梁承熹不論古典或流行音樂都游刃有餘,亦因此開展與不同樂手的合作,當中包括: 徐潔瑩(鋼琴)及雷風逸(結他)。徐潔瑩現與香港中文大學修讀音樂,師隨郭品文,2018年在維也納韋華第國際比賽中獲獎,現為香港歌劇團兒童合唱團鋼琴伴奏。雷風逸能演奏小提琴及結他,對音樂的熱愛驅使他在香港大學副修音樂。

Fernando Rezk(班多紐手風琴)
harmonica, free admission