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AFTERNOON SERIES - Of Melodies Old & New by Plucked Strings
5 Aug 2019 (Mon) 12:45PM - 1:45PM
16 Sep 2019 (Mon) 12:45PM - 1:45PM
Nowadays, young musicians of traditional Chinese instruments acquire skills for playing both traditional and contemporary repertoire. Such diversity is featured in the two concerts. On Aug 5, “Traditional Tones” include favourite classics such as Ambush from All Sides, Moon Light On the Spring River and High Mountains and Flowing Water. Audience can experience the various sound by various pairings of pipa, sanxian and guzheng. The “Contemporary Images” on Sept 16 opens with the folk music originally from Xinjiang and followed by contemporary works tailored made for pipa by Chinese composer Chen Yi and Law Wing-fai.

05.08.2019 Concert I: Traditional Tones

Performed by Chan Wan-in (Pipa), Lau Mo-wah (Sanxian) & Chan Tin-chi (Guzheng)

16.09.2019 Concert II: Contemporary Images

Performed by Chan Wan-in (Pipa) & Sylvia Tam (Percussion)

About the artists

Chan Wan-in (pipa), Lau Mou-wah (sanxian), Chan Tin-chi (guzheng) and Sylvia Tam (percussion) are award-winning young Chinese instrumentalists to have graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). They carry on Cantonese music maestro YU Qiwei’s idea of “duality of Cantonese music” that Chinese musicians shall acquire skills to perform both traditional and contemporary repertoire. These four musicians first met at school and their collaborations continue till today, either as a chamber ensembles or as current members of Hong Kong Gaudeamus Duhang Ensemble (HKGDE).

Chan Wan-in graduated with a master of music degree at HKAPA, under the tutelage of Zhang Yin. When she was still a student, she was invited to perform in Finland. Chan is concurrently the deputy chair of HKGDE and a core member of Yue Pipa Ensemble. Lau Mo-wah studied sanxian with Zhao Taisheng and is currently a part-time instructor and part-time performer of the Music Office. Chan Tin-chi was a student of Xu Lingzi. She now teaches at the HKAPA and is the Ensemble Manager of HKGDE. Sylvia Tam is a core member of the Hong Kong Chinese drum team Refiner Drums. She was awarded the Best Drummer (Creative Presentation Section) in the 16th Hong Kong Synergy 24 Drum Competition in 2018.



演出日期:05.08 & 16.09.2019








陳韻妍為香港演藝學院音樂碩士,隨張瑩主修琵琶 。在學期間已曾遠赴芬蘭演出,現為香港天籟敦煌樂團副團長及玥琵琶室內樂團主要成員。 劉慕華師從趙太生,曾在日本及內地表演,現為音樂事務處兼職導師和兼職演奏員。陳天姿隨許菱子主修古箏,現任教於香港演藝學院,並為香港天籟敦煌樂團樂團經理。譚詩蔚為赤煉鼓樂團的主要成員,於2018年第16屆香港活力鼓令24式擂台賽中獲頒最佳鼓手獎(自由式組)。
traditional Chinese music, free admission